Registration to the 61st StuTS


The Registration is closed now


Dear all!

The registration is closed now. We are buying the public transport tickets, and many other tasks have to be accomplished.


Many thanks for your participation!

The OC of the 61st StuTS



Participation in the 61st StuTS costs 30 € (resp. 33 CHF). The included accommodation is quite modest. Participants who want to find their own accommodation during the stay (e.g. in Hotel marta) have to do this at their own expense. On the other hand they pay only half of the participation fee (15 € resp. 16.50 CHF). Included in this price are the services listed below.

The deadline for registering for the conference is the 14th of May 2017.

Please transfer the participation fee as promptly as possible after registration. The account information is located in the box "Payment of the Conference Fee" on the right side or at the bottom of this page.

We cannot guarantee public transport tickets for those participants whose fee is received after the 15th of May.