Conference Rooms


Level F (Auditorium KO2-F-180 and Conference Rooms)

KOL Stockwerk F

The conference rooms are on level F of the main building. The big events take place in the auditorium KO2-F-180 (left on the map). Elisa opens the 61st StuTS on Thursday 09:45 o'clock. Also holds here the dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Dr. Andreas H. Jucker, at 10:00 the welcome address. Finally will four keynotes take place here.

Most of the presentations and two workshops are held in the rooms KOL-F-117, F-118 and F-121 (in the middle of the map).


Level G with Aula (KOL-G-201)

KOL Stockwerk G

The Aula of the University of Zurich is on the upper right side on the map. Fridays keynote, the panel discussion and the movie evening will take place here.