After your Fancy: Beer and Nightlife

Despite the heterogenous nomenclature in the Indoeuropean languages, beer is something shared by students across the world! Zurich enjoys a wide variety of local and international beverages in a wide variety of different pubs and bars for every scene! The pub crawl is also a great way to get to know the other conference visitors!
We will gather under the big guardian angel in the Zurich main station at 20:00 before heading into town. In a number of groups, based on interests, we will be going on tours through Zurich's lively quarters and stopping for a drink in a number of taverns. The groups will include a visit to districts 4 and 5, the Niederdörfli, a Queer-Scene tour and the Autonomous Scene. Prost!

Time and Place

  • Time: Thursday 25.04.2017 20:00
  • Place:  below the guardian angel in the Zurich main station